The Mission

I believe in reincarnation  and my intention is to break free from the cycle of birth and death.

Whether I do so is another matter altogther, and is not entirely in my own hands.

I will write up my thoughts.  Doing so crystallises my thinking in my own mind and my own mind is my workshop. There I fashion my thoughts and mould my external behaviour.

If  I find I readily put aside the thoughts in my own personal  mind, lucidly understand what may be driving others behaviour, and manage to notice events as a passive observer without passing any mental judgement, then I will know I will be well on my way to my goal. 

That is to be at one with all that exists.

If anybody else is interested then great!  If not, that’s great as well !

 Everyone has their own interests.

May Truth be revealed and prevail, and not personal perceptions wrought in delusion


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