Japji Sahib Stanzas 4 to 6

Stanza Transliteration byDr. Kulbir Singh Thind Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa What did I learn from Guru ji?
4 saachaa saahib saach naa-ay bhaakhi-aa bhaa-o apaar.aakhahi mangahi dayhi dayhi daat karay daataar.fayr ke agai rakhee-ai jit disai darbaar.

muhou ke bolan bolee-ai jit sun Dharay pi-aar.

amrit vaylaa sach naa-o vadi-aa-ee veechaar.

karmee aavai kaprhaa nadree mokh du-aar.

naanak ayvai jaanee-ai sabh aapay sachiaar. ||4||

True is the Master, True is His Name—speak it with infinite love. People beg and pray, “Give to us, give to us”, and the Great Giver gives His Gifts. So what offering can we place before Him, by which we might see the Darbaar of His Court? What words can we speak to evoke His Love? In the Amrit Vaylaa, the ambrosial hours before dawn, chant the True Name, and contemplate His Glorious Greatness. By the karma of past actions, the robe of this physical body is obtained. By His Grace, the Gate of Liberation is found. O Nanak, know this well: the True One Himself is All.  || 4 || A True Master bathes in truth. One should behold Him in adoring love.People make repeated supplications. The Giver  gives, but what can be given in return, in order that we may be welcomed to your court, or what can one say, to earn your love?Before dawn, (when the mind is clear), bathe in truth, and  dwell on your great gifts (and so become a true master)

One is here as a result of  deeds in past lives, but one enters the gate of liberation  by the Grace of one’s inner guru alone.

Let it also be known that everyone is self-wise

5 thaapi-aa na jaa-ay keetaa na ho-ay.aapay aap niranjan so-ay.jin sayvi-aa tin paa-i-aa maan.

naanak gaavee-ai gunee niDhaan.

gaavee-ai sunee-ai man rakhee-ai bhaa-o.

dukh parhar sukh ghar lai jaa-ay.

gurmukh naadaN gurmukh vaydaN gurmukh rahi-aa samaa-ee.

gur eesar gur gorakh barmaa gur paarbatee maa-ee.

jay ha-o jaanaa aakhaa naahee kahnaa kathan na jaa-ee.

sabhnaa jee-aa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaa-ee. ||5||

   He cannot be established, He cannot be created. He Himself is Immaculate and Pure. Those who serve Him are honored. O Nanak, sing of the Lord, the Treasure of Excellence. Sing, and listen, and let your mind be filled with love. Your pain shall be sent far away, and peace shall come to your home. The Guru’s Word is the Sound-current of the Naad; the Guru’s Word is the Wisdom of the Vedas; the Guru’s Word is all-pervading. The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Paarvati and Lakhshmi. Even knowing God, I cannot describe Him; He cannot be described in words. The Guru has given me this one understanding: there is only the One, the Giver of all souls. May I never forget Him!  || 5 ||   One does not form oneself nor does one establish oneselfThe pure Creator does all this. One who recognizes this thus  honours Him.Sing of  great virtues. Sing,  and listen to  your inner mind, and maintain your love  there.

All one’s pains will disappear and be replaced with peace in your mind.

Characters and features from mythology of predecessor religions is now transposed with the idea that the inner mind is the true teacher:

What the inner True Guru teaches comprises all the entire wealth of teachings of predecessor religions.  

One who knows this cannot put it into words or describe it adequately – suffice to say the Giver of all life is just One, and I should not forget this

6 tirath naavaa jay tis bhaavaa vin bhaanay ke naa-ay karee.jaytee sirath upaa-ee vaykhaa vin karmaa ke milai la-ee.mat vich ratan javaahar maanik jay ik gur kee sikh sunee.

guraa ik dayhi bujhaa-ee.

sabhnaa jee-aa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaa-ee. ||6||

If I am pleasing to Him, then that is my pilgrimage and cleansing bath. Without pleasing Him, what good are ritual cleansings? I gaze upon all the created beings: without the karma of good actions, what are they given to receive? Within the mind are gems, jewels and rubies, if you listen to the Guru’s Teachings, even once. The Guru has given me this one understanding: there is only the One, the Giver of all souls. May I never forget Him!  || 6 ||   If I bathe in the sacred pool at the shrine to my inner true guru, then that is sufficient. If my mind cannot be pleased, then why bathe ritually?I look upon all your creation – it exists but what does it attain, if there is no good conduct?In the wisdom of one’s mind lies the touchstone, should the diligent pupil of ones inner guru care to listen and look therein, and this has been taught by my inner true guru

The Giver of all life is just One, and I should not forget this


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